That elusive personal website is finally completed! Earlier this year, I finally spent some time to create a personal website just so that I can have a webpage to show some data visualization of COVID-19 in Florida. I created the website using blogdown package in R, and was quite happy with how it turns out. Hosting it using netlify (amazing tool where it automatically build your website via your github repo), the URL to this site was and still is

Which was fine but still a little uncool, right?

Finally, I bought a domain, for the first time in my life. The process was relatively smooth, but I’ve been dragging my feet for no reason…

Apparently my logical first choice of was not available. Someone probably bought it but do nothing about it :( And although you get plenty of,, out there, they are kind of ehh to me (they are pretty darn cheap!). A few random days later, I thought of! Look, Malaysia for all of its flaws, is one of the lucky countries to get a pronounciable internet country code. So why not, it sounds fun!

So it costs quite a bit, 120 Malaysian Ringgit or about 30 USD per year, and apparently you cannot buy .my domain from anywhere but selected vendors appointed by MYNIC. I finally made the purchase online few days ago via… and nothing happened!

Where is my domain?

Well many hours later plus timezone differences, someone emailed me about requiring proof of citizenship… Did not realize but it makes sense that only Malaysian can purchase .my domain. Oh and apparently when you first get your domain, you are the administrator and billing contact but not the technical contact, who’s reponsible to add/change nameserver. Took quite a while to figure out how to go deep into the slow and old school portal to appoint yourself as a technical contact. All is good now…

For first time in my life, I have an internet domain and a “personal website”, sort of.